Feb 152024

Scot Eaton's Anatomy Courses, image of Houdon Ecorche and anatomy booksScott’s Eaton-Houdon écorché


I won’be running any full-enrollment sessions over the summer, but enrollment is now open for the Autumn sessions of my anatomy and figure sculpting courses. Alternatively, if you would like to get started right away, you can register as standard-enrollment on any course and start learning right away.

My in-depth courses are designed to teach the skills every artist needs to produce inspiring, professional figurative work. These courses have been taught to artists and studios around the world, including Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, Disney Feature Animation, Sony Imageworks, Sony Playstation, Warner Bros, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Valve, EA and many others. If you are looking for an intensive course to level up your figurative art skills, consider one of these:


    The most comprehensive online course covering artistic anatomy. No prerequisites are necessary, just a sincere interest in learning about the wonderful machine that is the human body! more…


    An intense ten-week course in the tools and techniques of digital figure sculpture. This course is recommended for students with a firm grounding in anatomy (the Anatomy for Artists course is recommended) as well as an intermediate knowledge of ZBrush. more…


    The companion course to Anatomy for Artists, this course explore the anatomy of the face in-depth. It covers the construction of the skull, features, facial fat, musculature, expressions, and the Facial Action Coding system (FACS). Every great figure needs a great face, this course teaches you the anatomy you need to build it. more…


Anatomy for Artists, Somerset House, LondonSomerset House, home of Scott’s London courses


    Scott’s Intensive Anatomy for Artists workshop offers four days of in-depth anatomy training at Somerset House in the heart of central London. This course is designed to teach artists essential and advanced anatomy and how this knowledge can be applied to drawing, sculpture, illustration, character design, modelling, rigging, or animation. The course assumes no previous knowledge of anatomy and builds from the foundation up. After four days of study, we finish the course with a visit to the spectacular V&A museum, where Scott reviews the anatomy lessons on his favorite masterpieces of 15th-19th century European sculpture. more…


Scott teaching anatomy at somerset house, londonAnatomy lesson in-progress at Somerset House