Anatomy for Artists Studio Masterclass


“I feel like I have been injected with some crazy power potion; suddenly I start to understand the incredibly difficult construction of the human body. Scott’s incredible skills made my jaw drop and I feel like this is the very first time I have had a real expert talking about real application of the theory.”

Senior Character Artist
Rockysteady Studio

“Scott’s knowledge of human anatomy is uncanny and the way he teaches is the most effective I’ve ever seen. I thought my knowledge of the human anatomy was pretty good before but now I realize there is so much more to know. I feel revitalized as an artist and motivated to push my character and creature designs even further!”

David Giraud
Character Art Director
Electronic Arts


Intensive Anatomy for Artists is a professional masterclass tailored specifically for the needs of digital artists at visual effects, game, and animation studios. These courses can be run online or on-site, and the content tailored in scope and duration to meet the needs of the artists. If you are a studio looking for professional anatomy instruction for your artists please contact Scott for more information.

Individual artists seeking an in-depth understanding of artistic anatomy can enroll in the online version of the course. The online course page can be found here.

About the course

Scott Eaton’s Anatomy for Artists course offers an in-depth training in anatomy for artists. The course is designed to teach digital artists the fundamental and advanced artistic anatomy and how this knowledge is applied to illustration, character design, modeling, rigging, and animation. Each lecture draws heavily on lessons from the old masters and combines them with photography and medical imaging data to show how complicated anatomy can be broken down into functional shapes and mechanisms.

The course covers proportions, critical bony landmarks, mechanics of the skeleton, and gives a comprehensive look at all the muscles of the body and how they influence surface form and mechanical function. Frequent exercises give students a chance to apply their knowledge, and regular critiques of images from the “Gallery Abominate” put a humorous but educational spin on the anatomical challenges artists commonly face. Artists leave the course with knowledge that will immediately improve their work and a solid foundation in anatomy that will allow them to continue to learn and improve on their own.

The course has been running for ten years and has met with great success teaching both aspiring and professional artists. Entertainment clients include:

Scott Eaton client list - Anatomy courses and workshops

… and many others.

Feedback from Professional Artists

“Excellent course!!! 5 Stars! (out of 5)!!! Very comprehensible!!! I would define Scott Eaton as “Bob Ross” of the anatomy as he made it look so easy. The course has definitely upgrade my knowledge!”

Character Artist
Guerilla Games

“Scott’s method of breaking down the figure using landmarks was infinitely helpful to making a convincing figure. I have taken anatomy classes before, but his instruction focuses is on real world construction problems that artists face. It relates directly to the type of figure work we do and I can immediately take the information presented and use it in my work. I highly recommend Scott and hope he returns for longer seminars in the future. One of the best courses I have taken here at LucasFilm.”

Senior Animator
LucasFilm Animation

“Scott Eaton’s anatomy course was extremely beneficial for me as a character artist/animator. I thought I had a reasonable knowledge of basic anatomy and usually use reference when designing or building characters that require accurate representations of musculature, but I admit I often wing it in areas that I’m not too sure on. Scott’s thorough breakdown of human anatomy has opened my eyes and rekindled my interest in all things anatomical.
The course should be compulsory for all modelers, animators and riggers who are involved with any sort of character work. I wish I’d had this sort of lecture at art school. 10/10.”


Matt Bagshaw
Senior Character Artist
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

“Scott gave us a very clear breakdown of anatomy from a practical standpoint: bony landmarks, muscle actions and their effect on the surface of the skin, plane shifts, and the best explanation of what goes on in the forearm I’ve ever heard. His ‘Gallery Abominate’ section was really useful for applying what we learned to models that got it wrong, and was an excellent study method. I’ve seen improvements in my work already.
He’s one of the best instructors in the industry for anatomy. Everyone in the course commented on how his teaching made more sense in 4 days than in a year or more of previous anatomy classes. I’d highly recommend bringing him back for a longer set of courses.”

Senior Character Artist

“Scott’s course was excellent. It made me opening my anatomy books and start learning all muscles and bones by heart. The course makes you realize that no shapes are haphazard, and nothing is random. Sculpting a character, before being artistic, is about technique and knowledge. The lessons he gives are short cuts for things you might need years to figure out on your own. It was very intensive, but every detail was important.”

Jean-Baptiste Ferder
Character Artist
Ninja Theory

“As a next-gen character modeler, Scott Eaton’s anatomy course is the best training I’ve seen by far. He has a deep knowledge of anatomy which he imparts with great enthusiasm and clarity. His course provides a practical and focused understanding of the human body from the inside out. This is a great course – the knowledge it offers will transform your work.”

Mike Bambury
Art Director
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

“With the visual quality that is expected of game characters today our artists need to have an excellent understanding of anatomy. Scott’s inspirational course on artistic anatomy delivers the training we need to get those results. Every character artist needs to take this course!”

Aaron Allport
Studio Art Director

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