Dec 102021

life drawing, four figures, pen and ink with washclick for larger

A few pages from a recent life drawing session. Feeling a bit cavalier, I went straight in with brush pen, a risky business that requires lots of attention and careful mark making. Above are five minute poses, with the ink pushed around with a brush and water to give tone and roundness to the forms.

life drawing of seated model in ink with wash

These two are longer poses, ten, or maybe fifteen minutes. Counter-intuitively, more time often does not make the drawings better, as I have more time to fidget, fiddle, and pay undue attention to the small details that aren’t essential to the pose. Time constraints force a drawing to be concise, I was lucky to not ruin these by overworking them.

life drawing of reclining model, in pen and ink with wash

May 222020

click for larger

Covers of first three coronvirus sketchbooks. The cover doodles have become increasingly adversarial as the pandemic continues.

Aug 172019

Caffeinated Diversions on display at Scott Eaton's Artist+AI exhibition at Somerset HouseCaffeinated Diversions, 50x archival prints, 21x15cm

People who know me know that drawing in essential to my creative process. Over the last couple years I have been using part of my morning drawing time (yes, with a coffee… or two, or three), to create input drawings to test my Bodies neural network, which I trained on a portion of my library.

Caffeinated Diversions close upclick for larger

The idea behind this “AI tool” is that I train it to learn the correspondence between my drawing style and photographic representations of the human figure, in this case photography carefully lit and shot by me in the studio. Then, once trained, I can use it to dynamically ‘paint’ my drawings in the style of my photography. It is a wondrous interaction, and there is a magical space where I can draw very stylized or abstracted figures and the neural network infers some very interesting anatomical results, always beautifully lit and shaded. The images here are from my wall of Caffeinated Diversions, fifty of the most interesting results from these morning experiments. The grey line drawings are my hand-drawn inputs, the coloured images the output of my Bodies network.

Wall of AI augmented drawings by Scott Eatonclick for larger

Beyond just the final images though, a large part of the magic that has captivated me when developing and using these AI tools is seeing the final image emerge as I draw it. Here is compilation of timelapses from these drawing sessions:

Jun 102019

Scott Eaton's Fall of the Damned, work in progress.

Behind the scenes – prepping a piece for my “Artist+AI: Figures & Form” show opening next week at Somerset House. Suffice it to say, this will be a LARGE composition (22,000 x 17,000 pixels!). My drawing hand aches.

Show is free and runs from 19-23rd of June, so squeeze in a visit to Somerset House if you are near London.