A collection of design pieces - some sculptural, some installation, some advertising - mostly unified by the fact that they have some utility.

Nov 062016

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The Venus of Cupertino, my iPad docking station, is just back from a busy week at the London Design Festival. She received countless oogles, smiles, and appreciation over the four days. She was even chosen as the top design at the festival by a prominent online design & lifestyle magazine.

Now that the Venus of Cupertino is almost all grown up, most future posts and updates on the Venus project will be found at: There you can follow all the gossip, blogs, & tweets. And of course you can order her there as well!

May 112015

Hercules XIII tablet featured in Living Etc magazineclick for larger

living etc may 2015My tongue-in-cheek, neoclassical Hercules XIII tablet stand was recently featured in the Great Beauty section of Living Etc magazine. I am proud to see my small but stout Hercules holding his own against the towering bust of Adonis. He is small but he’s far more fun than any of the other pieces in the spread.

Nov 282014

Four Seasons Hotels design collaboration
I am excited to announce an upcoming collaboration with the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Things are still top secret but I have started developing concepts for the first in a series of art/design pieces for their hotels. Watch this space for updates…

Nov 142014

Scott Eaton shares a Red Dot design award for his art direction on the Megafaces pavillion at the Sochi olympics.

I am excited to announce that our Megafaces facade for the Sochi Winter Olympics has won a Red Dot Design award 2014.

“MegaFaces is a cross-platform project conceived and built for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Formed by 11,000 telescopic actuators the kinetic facade is able to transform in three dimensions to recreate visitors’ faces at monumental scale. The aim was to create a monument to celebrate people. Facial impressions are relayed to the facade from 3D scans made in proprietary 3D photo booths within the building. An algorithm transforms the faces on-the-fly considering day lighting, scale, rotation and colour. The resultant portraits appear three at a time, at eight meters tall.”

Congratulations to everyone involved!

Scott previewing the automated composition on the Megafaces facade, Sochi Olympics

Sep 162014

Moai Ipad docking station based on the Easter Island figures
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We are proud to introduce our latest design – the Moai iPad docking station. Inspired by the serene, eternal vigilance of the monolithic icons of Easter Island, we’ve upgraded and remixed them for a tongue-in-cheek poke at the persistent distraction of modern digital life.

Moai ipad Docking Station profile view. Remixed from the ancient Easter Island for larger

Jun 232014


Our Megafaces Pavilion for the Sochi Olympics won the 2014 Cannes Lion Grand Prix for Innovation. Created by architecture studio Asif Kahn Ltd, engineered by iArt and with art direction and graphics tech by yours truly, the project was a monumental collaboration that tied together amazing creativity and a mountain of technology to create a compelling visual experience for visitors to the Olympic park.

Find the official Cannes submission video HERE.

WithTheGrandPrix_tnCelebrating the Grand Prix in the green room

Jun 222014

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I am just back from the Sochi Olympics where I was working with the amazing teams from Asif Kahn and iArt on the “Megafaces Facade” for the Megafon pavilion. Over the past six months I have been providing creative direction for this crazy project:

I was asked to come on-board to provide expertise in computer graphics, lighting, faces, and overall aesthetics to the piece. The challenge from a visual design perspective was to take raw, 3d scan data from the ‘photobooths’ in the pavilion and then develop an automated solution, which we called the Creative Processing Pipeline (CPP), for coloring, relighting, composing and outputting the faces to the facade in way that, well, looks cool. It is a bit like composing a drawing or photograph, but algorithmically so that it always (ermm, almost always) produces a compelling visual result.

asif-khan-designs-an-architectural-mount-rushmore-for-sochi-winter-olympics_asif_khan_megaphon_sochi_-hufton_crow_024_tnChecking the output before the opening ceremony

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