Mar 102024

I have a new work debuting at the Alon Zakaim Gallery in central London in April. This exhibition pairs contemporary artists (me and others, mostly painters) with works from 20th century artists – Picasso, Dali, Chagall, etc – and asks us to react with a new, contemporary take.

I am paired with a larger than life-sized alabaster bust from Jaume Plensa, a Spanish artist known for his large scale portraits, often compressed in one dimension. My ‘reaction’ is a moving image piece – an aging, kaleidoscopic, digital portrait that borrows stylistic elements from early 20th century art movements (cubism, constructivism) and remixes these with a recipe of photogrammetry, digital sculpture, machine learning and rendering. The work – flat, colorful, evolving and ephemeral – is a counterpoint to the static, polished, ageless bust of Plensa. Hopefully when appreciated together, they contrast and compliment each other, sparking conversation. Images to follow after the opening.

Curated by Virginia Damtsa