Nov 162023

Scott Eaton giving Out of Distribution talk at View Conference 2023Talking about the making of Spherical Enumeration

I recently gave a talk at the VIEW Conference, in Turin, titled:

Out of Distribution: Thriving Creatively in the Age of AI

The talk gives my current take on the state of AI and how we, as artists and creatives, need to think about situating our work in relationship to this ever-more-disruptive technology. (the talk now available on-demand on the VIEW Conference’s plaform here). The talk blurb:

In this densely illustrated talk, Scott explores how we can maximize our human creative potential in the face of the tidal wave of capabilities from the latest AI tools. He explores the trajectory of the field of AI, covering the critical ideas that have led us to where we are now. He asks the question on everyone’s mind – what space will be left for artists and creatives as more powerful AI inevitably arrives, and how should we think about situating our work and careers in the face of this constantly accelerating technology? Scott showcases his recent projects and gives examples and anecdotes from his own work with machine learning over the past seven years, including a behind-the-scenes look at his recent takeover of Times Square.

Scott Eaton on stage at the View Conference, showing himself holding a stack of sketchbooks.Talking about the importance of drawing in one’s creative practice. Mini-me and large me, juxtaposed.