Apr 022024

TITLE: Intersections
MEDIUM: Digital (machine learning, animation)
RESOLUTION: Various (4k wide, 4k tall, 8k ultra-tall, 8k ultra-wide)
DURATION: 3minutes, looping
DATE: 2023

An experimental work that reflects on the vast technological landscape that surrounds us. The piece evolved from a single QR code photographed in a dirty alley, advertising an event long past. This source image, a simple but iconic reminder of our data-saturated existence, is distorted and remixed through layers of random processes using animation and machine learning. The original data is completely transformed into a cascading landscape of evolving geometry, structured but abstract and unpredictable, intermittently evoking ideas of the towering architecture, Art Deco, and endless city blocks of New York City. The result is a meditation on the complexity and unknowability of the digital landscapes that surround us.