Apr 082024

TITLE: Crossings I (Shibuya), Istanbul edit
MEDIUM: Digital, 4k, 30fps
DURATION: 45 seconds
DATE: 2024

The first in a series of works highlighting our ubiquitous loss of privacy to public surveillance, here hijacking a public webcam pointed at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. Unknowing participants create a data painting/collage with their bodies as they go about their daily routines. The work uses the current state-of-the-art in AI/machine learning tracking algorithms to identify and follow people in the crowd – each person assigned an ID and probability that they are human (displayed on the bottom of the screen at the start and end). Coloration is derived from their direction of movement, length of time that they have been identified and tracked, and their alogrithmic “humanness”.

This excerpt was designed for a daily take-over of the screens at Istanbul IGA Airport in April 2024.