Dec 102021

life drawing, four figures, pen and ink with washclick for larger

A few pages from a recent life drawing session. Feeling a bit cavalier, I went straight in with brush pen, a risky business that requires lots of attention and careful mark making. Above are five minute poses, with the ink pushed around with a brush and water to give tone and roundness to the forms.

life drawing of seated model in ink with wash

These two are longer poses, ten, or maybe fifteen minutes. Counter-intuitively, more time often does not make the drawings better, as I have more time to fidget, fiddle, and pay undue attention to the small details that aren’t essential to the pose. Time constraints force a drawing to be concise, I was lucky to not ruin these by overworking them.

life drawing of reclining model, in pen and ink with wash

Jun 112019

Invitation to Scott Eaton's Artist plus AI: Figures and Form exhibitionclick for larger

19-23 June, 2019
10-5:30pm daily
Somerset House, New Wing, room G16

My new exhibition showcasing work created in ‘collaboration’ with AI is running from the 19-23rd of June at Somerset House in London. It is a free, but ticketed event, so you will need to book in advance. Please get your tickets HERE.

“This exhibition showcases the recent work of artist Scott Eaton combining the latest in generative artificial intelligence (AI) with the centuries old practices of drawing and sculpture. The show’s featured works are the result of the dynamic interaction between Scott’s traditionally-trained hand and the AI tools he has ‘taught’ to work as his assistants. In this show, Eaton, an interdisciplinary artist with backgrounds in sculpture, anatomy and design, underscores the impact AI is set to have on the art-making process.”

Mar 142019

Scott Eaton preview of creative AI artworkclick for larger

On Thursday, March 28, I will be giving a talk at London’s CreativeAI meetup at Somerset House previewing the last two years of my experiments using AI and machine learning to create figurative artwork. People close to me know I have been working on this, unannounced, for quite a while and I am excited to show the work for the first time in public. The second speaker, Andrew Brock, will also be showing some mind-blowing work done while interning at Google’s DeepMind last year. The evening promises to be a visual feast!

The talks are open to the public, but spaces go quickly, so register now. Also for your calendar, my work will be shown in its entirely at an exhibition at Somerset House from 20-23 June. More information will be coming in the next couple weeks.

CreativeAI @ Somerset House: REGISTER HERE