Nov 022018

Scott Eaton's Essential Anatomy Masterclass, with Framestore artistsIntro showing some of the studios I’ve taught over the years

I’ve just finished an intensive, one-day Essential Anatomy session with the talented artists from Framestore, London. Sixty artists and I convened in the Somerset House screening room for a day covering critical lessons from both human and comparative anatomy. I don’t often run anatomy courses this short (most are a minimum of two days), so it was a challenge to distill the essential lessons from many years of teaching anatomy into a format the could deliver the maximum amount of useful information in a single day course.

In class ecorche studies - Scott Eaton's Essential Anatomyin-course anatomy studies over old master drawings

Here is the course description for those interested:

“Essential Anatomy is a intensive six-hour workshop covering the critical anatomy that artists working with characters need to know to thrive in the VFX, animation and game industries. Distilled from two decades of work as an artist, character supervisor and anatomy instructor – Scott covers the essential musculoskeletal principles of human anatomy and then extends these lessons to the comparative anatomy of animals. The goal of the session is to build a solid anatomical foundation and then show how these fundamentals can be applied to the realistic design of characters – whether human, animal, or creature. The workshop concludes with humorous, but instructive, critiques from Scott’s infamous Gallery Abominate.”