Jun 192014

Eaton-Houdon Ecorche Figure
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The Eaton-Houdon Écorché is my update of the classical anatomy figure by 18th Century sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon. His original l’Écorché sculpture, produced in 1767 during his time in Rome, has been used by artists studying anatomy for centuries. It is celebrated for its balance, gesture and proportions but, to the trained eye, has always contained a handful of anatomical inaccuracies. Combine this with an overall loss of detail resulting from centuries of re-casting and the piece was in need of both an accuracy update and a sharpening of details. The result is shown above.

The Eaton-Houdon ecorche figure is featured in the L’Ecorché eductional iOS app produced by collaborator Michael Defeo (available for download from the App Store here).

The sculpture is now available as an 18″ anatomy figure for desktop reference, continuing the centuries-old contribution this piece has made to artistic anatomy study. ORDER.