Dec 292011

latest image of the venus ipad dock

My iPad docking station, the Venus of Cupertino, is hot off the press. If you missed the genesis of this project see the early sketches in the drawings section.

The Venus of Cupertino is a sculptural docking station inspired by the rounded forms of the ancient Venus figurines – a fertility goddess for the technology age.

With gentle hands, she will cradle your 2nd, 3rd, or newer iPad while syncing or charging. All cables are neatly routed through the base of the figure and are fully changeable to support future iPads. Each Venus is hand cast in museum-quality resin and available in a selection of finishes.


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Here are the original images of my prototype which inspired innumerable tweets, pins, posts, and re-posts over the last six months:

iPad docking station 2
click for larger image

ipad docking station 1

ipad docking station 3

iPad Dock Artist's Proofs

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