This page is home to tutorials I have written over the past few years on various aspects of artistic anatomy, digital sculpture, and visual effects. Click on the images to be taken to the tutorials.


Behind the Scenes – Pirates’ Mermaid

mermaid digital sculpture using Zbrush
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This article gives a short behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the mermaid digital sculpture above. It broadly covers the workflow that I use in Zbrush for quickly creating digital maquettes for production. Article here.


Female Figure Sculpting in Zbrush

female figure sculpting tutorial

This large tutorial, originally featured in 3dWorld issue 105, covers sculpting the female form. The tutorial starts with an overview of the base mesh used for the sculpture, and then talks about the process and tools used to take the sculpt from beginning to end in Zbrush. download PDF here.


Fundamentals of Animal Anatomy

This article presents a collection of anatomical guidlines for understanding and constructing believable animals and creatures (PDF).

Animal Anatomy tutorial


The Art of Realism

3dWorld tutorial on lighting and rendering Prometheus using RenderMan for Maya. (PDF)

lighting and rendering with RenderMan for Maya


Body Work

3dWorld tutorial on sculpting the human figure using Zbrush. (PDF)

Anatomy and Zbrush figure sculpting tutorial


Anatomy for 3d Artists

3dWorld article giving tips on human anatomy relevant to 3d artists – modellers, riggers, etc. (PDF)

anatomy tips for 3d artists

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