Anatomy for Artists Feedback



“Scott’s profound knowledge of anatomy and his strategic teaching style are truly unique. The courses are very intense and you leave inspired, with a deeper understanding of the human form. I cannot recommend Scott’s courses highly enough, they are the most valuable source of knowledge around for any character artist.”

Julia Friedl
Senior Character Artist
Black Rock Studio, The Walt Disney Company

“I thought the course was incredibly useful for character artists. Scott’s knowledge of anatomy is detailed and thorough. I think by learning 20% of what Scott knows about anatomy I have a good grounding for the subject.

The points I liked about his approach to teaching the subject:

  • giving a detailed, theoretical approach including naming everything correctly.
  • enhancing this knowledge with keys points to remember, constantly revised, and simplified
  • reviewing many examples of specifics, and then being able to critique poorly constructed models
  • giving time to let us model/sculpt or draw what we have learnt to reinforce the knowledge and put it into practice”

Rob Hill
Senior Character Artist
Sony Computer Entertainment

“The lectures and work were kept lively and humorous and it was a pleasure to learn the subject I would recommend the course to any artist. Actually it’s a must for any character related artist or animator. Scott’s work is precise and detailed, totally inspiring.

I thought the course was excellent. My biggest worry before the course was that it could have been too intensive and monotonous, but it wasn’t any of those. It was intense, a lot to take in, but there was enough breathers and breaks to refresh the mind. The structure was brilliant. Scott has a very impressive background. He demonstrated which muscles show up and are important, as opposed to just being there. He’s a handy person to know, especially for marketing stuff, where every pixel is accounted for. I’d give the man 95, out of a hundred.”

Jason Riley
Senior Artist
Sony Computer Entertainment

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