Mar 122011

Digital Production Magazine - Zbrush 4 review article

The April 2011 issue of German film/VFX magazine Digital Production features a full-page Hephaestus image to introduce their writeup on Zbrush 4. The image is backwards but otherwise looks good. Their article gives a great overview of Zbrush, my digital sculpting tool of choice.

Dec 142010

3dArtist Magazine feature article on Scott Eaton\'s Anatomy for Artists online course and trainingclick for larger image

The December 2010 (issue 23) copy of 3DArtist magazine features a two-page article on the Anatomy for Artists course. The writeup gives a good overview of the course and conveys the importance of studying anatomy as a digital artist. There are also some excellent examples of students’ work from past courses. Pick up a copy if you are interested!

Dec 092010

Medusa from Clash of the Titans - character modeling and visual effects

© Copyright 2010 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Here is a production stills from some of the work that I did on Clash of the Titans in 2010. I worked as a Character Supervisor on the film. One of my more taxing responsibilities in this capacity was having to photograph supermodel Natalia Vodianova as reference for Medusa. Tough work I know, but somebody’s got to do it.

Jul 272010

Bodies in Motion photography - sword martial arts

Samples from the second installment of the Bodies in Motion Reference Library are now online. This shoot had a huge variety of talent including: mixed martial arts, kung fu, karate, stage combat, Spanish fencing, female sumo wrestling, classical ballet, hand balancing, break dancing and contortion.

There are tons of images from the shoot (~700 Gb) and sample sequences are forthcoming. If you are interested in staying informed about the library’s development/availability, drop me a message here.


Bodies in Motion photography - Backflip photography sequence
click for larger image

Mar 012010

bodies in motion, dynamic figure reference for artists

Samples from my Bodies in Motion image library are now online. The library was created to capture high-quality, dynamic figure reference for artists. The human figure is extremely complex and its form is so variable during motion that high-quality reference is essential for capturing that anatomical complexity. The full library is over 20,000 images so I can only put a sample of images online to start, but I hope you find it interesting and useful!

BODIES in MOTION dynamic figure reference for artists
link to Bodies in Motion

Jan 072009

I will be presenting a two-day Artistic Anatomy Masterclass on 2-3 April 2009, at the Moving Picture Companies screening room in central London, sponsored by Escape Studios . The sessions will be VERY intense (but fun), so get your coffee, notepads and sketchbooks ready. I hope to see you there!

For more information and booking visit Escape Studios’ registration page


The April anatomy masterclass was a great success and every attendee left packed full of new anatomy knowledge. If you missed this course but are interested in attending a future masterclass in London please send me a quick note expressing interest. The more interest there is the sooner I can offer another course. Thanks!

Mar 082008

The first of three of my lessons in Figurative Sculpture is now live on Pixologic’s site.  This lesson covers the fundamentals of sculpting and studying from reference, and walks through the process of creating the ‘Study of Milon de Crotone‘. If you are interested in figure sculpture check it out. Stay tuned for part II, which will cover sculpting from life, and is closely related to some of the work I am showing at the Tate Modern lecture on the 25th of March.

A special thanks to the Pixologic team who did a fantastic job formating and putting the lesson together.

Feb 182008

I will be giving a lecture at the Tate Modern on the 25th of March entitled:

Bits to Atoms – the Process and Evolution of Digital Sculpture

The talk broadly covers the history of figurative sculpture, techniques of digital sculpture and methods of prototyping digital sculpture. I will also be showing a new piece that I have been working on for the last couple months with a little behind the scenes “making of”.


The sell-out talk was a great success. Thanks to everyone who attended. For anyone who missed the talk, the Tate Modern recorded the presentations and made them available as a webcast here. My presentation is the second and begins at 00:46:00.