Sep 132016

value study from the scott eaton's bodies in motion library

Here’s a quick value study from Bodies in Motion. I’ve been testing the site getting it ready for launch and sketched this out on the iPad Pro while browsing sequences in the library. Overall things are looking good and we are ironing out bugs for launch (though I have quite a bit of content still to upload)!

drawing on the ipad pro using split screen - bodies in motion and proreatemorning coffee, the big ipad, and Bodies in Motion

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Jun 102016

Study of a Legend - Fat Axl Rose. What the hell happened to this guy?click for larger

So I found myself with a couple longish train trips this week. I love time on the train, it’s great for drawing/sketching/thinking.

Day 1: I got a seat on the train with a table. Perfect. I had every intention of drawing in my sketchbook and/or reading a book by Henry Moore (a smallish book but packed with inspiration and wisdom from a master sculptor). But instead… I checked my phone, hit some irresistible clickbait, and shortly found myself falling down a rabbit hole endlessly searching for pictures of fat Axl Rose.
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Mar 052015

ecorche study of egon schiele by scott eaton

Here is an écorché study of a drawing from the spectacular and controversial Viennese artist Egon Schiele. Schiele, long one of my favorites, is known for his hugely expressive figurative work – dynamic, contorted, deformed figures. Despite the effortless fluidity of his lines, the anatomy teacher in me can’t help but appreciate the underlying structure and coherence of his figure. My écorché study imposes plausible anatomical construction atop his piece and reveals that, despite his apparent looseness of his style, there is a deep understanding of anatomy at work. I can see this in all his drawings and paintings; every distorted, stylized figure actually fits together like an well-designed anatomical puzzle.

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Mar 192013

click for larger

Anyone who has been to recently might have noticed that my Venus iPad Docking Station needs companionship. The good news is there are a couple new docking stations in the works, so she will have company soon.

But now there is talk around the studio of making a sweet little (big?) desktop lamp to add to the Venus range. My sketchbooks have been bubbling with ridiculous and absurd variations on the theme. Here is one of the more presentable…

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Mar 162011

Compatible with second, third, and later generation Apple iPads, a sculptural docking station for syncing, charging and display.

Eaton iPad Docking Station

iPad Docking Station alt view

I try to only show drawings in this section, but I thought it might be interesting to share an image of the ‘digital prototype’ next to the original drawings to show how things progress from concept sketch to 3d.

first digital prototype of Scott's next generation docking station
click for larger image

And then the physical prototype, fabricated from the digital model:

iPad docking station 2
click for larger image

More images of the final docking station and ordering information can be found here.