Jun 102016

Study of a Legend - Fat Axl Rose. What the hell happened to this guy?click for larger

So I found myself with a couple longish train trips this week. I love time on the train, it’s great for drawing/sketching/thinking.

Day 1: I got a seat on the train with a table. Perfect. I had every intention of drawing in my sketchbook and/or reading a book by Henry Moore (a smallish book but packed with inspiration and wisdom from a master sculptor). But instead… I checked my phone, hit some irresistible clickbait, and shortly found myself falling down a rabbit hole endlessly searching for pictures of fat Axl Rose.

After 45 minutes and nearing my destination, I snapped out of the Fat Frenzy. Slightly disgusted with myself (but also strangely satisfied by how much I learned about fat Axl) I packed my stuff and headed off, not a sketch made nor a word read.

Day 2: Seat with table again. This time I resolved to use my time more constructively. I sat down to draw but was quickly plagued by visions of ‪#‎FatAxl‬ dancing through my head. But rather than fight the meme, I decided to embrace it: train + sketchbook + ballpoint pen + #fatAxl = inspiration. Result below.

Moral of the story – edifying artistic exploration and sickening consumption of bottom-feeding internet memes don’t have to be mutually exclusive.