Sep 132016

value study from the scott eaton's bodies in motion library

Here’s a quick value study from Bodies in Motion. I’ve been testing the site getting it ready for launch and sketched this out on the iPad Pro while browsing sequences in the library. Overall things are looking good and we are ironing out bugs for launch (though I have quite a bit of content still to upload)!

drawing on the ipad pro using split screen - bodies in motion and proreatemorning coffee, the big ipad, and Bodies in Motion

I am excited to get the material out to all you artists and see what you make with it. One of the important parts of the site gives you the ability to share your BiM studies and artwork with other users. When you share a study it is linked to the original photo/sequence it was referenced from. The idea being that when people are browsing the photos, they get to discover artwork that other users have created from that reference. The goal is to build up a community of artists sharing interesting, dynamic drawing styles and techniques, something that other people can be inspired by and learn from.

This is one of mine, with a short timelapse below. If you haven’t already, please register for launch details at