Scott Eaton's Bodies in Motion project, inspired by 19th century photographer Eadweard Muybridge, captures the grace and power of the human figure in motion. The library is available for artists, designers, and agencies around the world looking for the highest quality figure reference for their projects.

The project continues to expand with new shoots happening quarterly. There are currently over 30,000 images in the library capturing a huge variety of motions and body types. To inquire about licensing/commissioning photography please contact us here.

You can browse the complete library here: Please enjoy a selection of images and updates from the project below.

Jul 212015

Scott Eaton's Bodies in Motion Photography Project - female aerial rope performerclick for larger

No sooner is the Bodies in Motion III shoot finished, than Bodies in Motion IV marches into the calendar. In fact, we just finished a big weekend shoot with eleven talented artists, each with unique skills, power and grace on aerial apparatus. I have just started looking through the 15,000 images and there are going to be some gems.

All of the photography you see coming through the site lately is in preparation for the official launch of the Bodies in Motion Project website coming in September. The site will collect all the photos and motion sequences that I have shot over the last five years and make them available as a resource for artists, designers, and agencies looking for photography that showcases the amazing capabilities and forms of the human figure. Be sure to sign up to the newsletter for announcements!

Scott Eaton's Bodies in Motion project - B&W Male Aerial hoop, anatomyclick for larger

May 262015

scott eaton's bodies in motion project,  male handbalancingclick for larger

Bodies in Motion is back! I’ve just finished an amazing shoot and I’m starting to pull the best images from the session. There was an amazing collection of talent on this shoot and I am looking forward to sharing all the images. Speaking of sharing, the Bodies in Motion Project will be getting its own dedicated website very soon. If you haven’t already, subscribe to the mailing list for updates. I will be needing beta testers in the next month!

break dancing, bodies in motion for larger