Sep 032019

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For anyone who wasn’t able to attend my “Artist+AI: Figure and Form” exhibition at Somerset House in London (uhh, most of the world), please feel free to browse the show archive above. Much (but not all) of the work is documented in various places on this site, but it is nice to see it here, shown at scale and in context. Also the exhibition text is informative and worth reading to understand a bit more about the processes used to create this body of work.

Special thanks to Lenovo, Nvidia, Panavision, Direct Digital, and Raw Umber Studios for their support. Credit to AVM and Rupert Harris for their 3d archiving services.

May 082013

Eaton-Houdon Ecorche Figure
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The Eaton-Houdon Écorché is my update of the classical anatomy figure by 18th Century sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon. His original l’Écorché sculpture, produced in 1767 during his time in Rome, has been used by artists studying anatomy for centuries. It is celebrated for its balance, gesture and proportions but, to the trained eye, has always contained a handful of anatomical inaccuracies. Combine this with an overall loss of detail resulting from centuries of re-casting and the piece was in need of both an accuracy update and a sharpening of details. The result is shown above.
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Sep 232011

Feb 172010

I will be returning to Montreal at the beginning of March to teach a two-day Anatomy Masterclass followed by two one-day Zbrush Figure Sculpting workshops. The dates for the masterclass are 1-2 March, and the Figure Sculpting sessions are on 3 and 4 March. The sessions are sponsored by the National Animation and Design (NAD) Centre and are open the public as well as industry professionals.

Jul 022009

old Montreal

I will be giving an intensive two-day anatomy course at the The National Animation and Design Centre in Montreal, Canada on the 24th and 25th of August 2009. The course is open the public and industry professionals in and around Montreal. If you have a desire to deepen your knowledge of anatomy and improve your character skills, please stop by, I hope to see you there.