Mar 262018

expression studies from

Here are a few expression studies drawn from the FACES library at

I am posting them because I think they are decent, but also because they are entirely ‘analog’ so appropriate to introduce a concept I have been practicing for a couple weeks now and want to throw out for others to try – #analogSunday

The concept is self-explanatory – a full digital fast, one day a week – but I should expand on the motivation and details. I’ve been working on a couple projects lately that have me spending more time than usual in front of the computer– machine learning, Houdini, a bit of python… general computer graphics stuff. If I add updates and general correspondence into the mix, I have been practically glued to my screens. I’ve also increasingly caught myself mindlessly checking the same news sites, my inbox, and social media feeds for no reason other than it has become a reflexive bad habit.


As a remedy I’m testing a new discipline: a device-free day, once a week. The idea is absolutely no digital interaction – no phone, no email, no internet, no social media, no Netflix, no computing, you get the idea. My Sundays have gone completely analog. If I have something to make, it is created with traditional materials – pens, pencil, paper, clay, etc. If something has to be read, it comes off a printed page. This may or may not sound radical, but as we drift further into the 21st century, spending an entire day without sending or receiving any bits (meaning 1 and 0s – digital data) will become increasingly difficult.


As artists going ‘analog’ reunites us with old tools and materials, things that will undoubtedly amaze us after spending so much time in front of the computer. My #analogSunday reacquainted me with my brush pen, and together we inked five quality sketchbook pages. I also dusted off my copy of Gombrich’s the Story of Art and ready through a handful of interesting chapters. There’s a box of clay sitting in the corner of the studio waiting for next week.

For all you artists out there, what I am proposing is a Sunday unplug. Completely. Clear your minds and revisit traditional media – grab a sketchbook, paint and a brush, watercolour, a wad of clay, whatever, and have a play. You will be surprised how much time you have to experiment with the internet off limits. Then let me know how it goes on Monday and I’ll do the same. If you’ve make it this far, please share.