Mar 202016

Tae Kwon Do - Jumping Side Kick sequence from Scott Eaton's Bodies in Motion. click for larger

Here’s one of my favorites from the Bodies in Motion V shoot. There are still many shots left to develop, but BiM-V was all about martial arts. We had some eye-watering talent on the shoot – a Jujitsu grandmaster, a master of Hapkido, high-level kickboxers, a wushu artist and couple practitioners of exotic, less known martial arts.

Also an update on the development of the full site. There has been a little drama that has delayed the launch – the collapse (read bankruptcy) of the web development agency that was building the site. This has caused a significant delay but we’ve picked up the pieces and are in the process of ironing out the last usability issues. We are looking at a wider beta test in the next month or so and, all going well, we should be on track for a full launch a little later in the Spring (not putting a date on this just yet!). I know there are a lot of people out there looking forward to the release, so please be patient, we’re working on it. Thanks!