Aug 082015

Industrial Light and Magic, London ILM is in London!

I’ve just finished six days of anatomy masterclasses for Industrial Light and Magic, London (yes, the Star Wars guys). This isn’t the first time I’ve been to ILM, in the past I’ve run workshops for both their San Francisco and Singapore offices, but this is the first time it was just a tube journey away (not a nine-hour flight). It is great having Industrial Light & Magic in London!

Facial Anatomy at Industrial Light and Magic - important landmarks of the skullcovering the critical landmarks of the skull

Over the six days we covered a lot of anatomy important to building blockbuster digital characters, the kinds ILM is generally asked to make. There are exciting things happening in visual effects these days and as the tools and computation get more powerful, the artists are really trying to push the boundary of realism when building digital characters.

Hulk progression - ILM, AvengersYouTube: VFX Breakdown, Avengers Assemble © 2012 Marvel

The platysma muscle on demonstrated at Scott Eaton's Facial Anatomy masterclass at Industrial LIght and Magic Audience participation!

Skeleton leaving the studio. Done for the week.During the masterclasses we covered facial anatomy quite thoroughly and hit the high points of body anatomy. I also gave the artists a sneak peak at my upcoming Bodies in Motion library, which seemed to thrill them (and me). The library is going to be a great resource for artists studying the way the body moves and how muscles drive this motion – the kind of stuff that is quite useful to artists trying to increase the fidelity of their digital characters. Overall it was a productive visit to a great studio – ILM is a welcome addition to the visual effects scene in London.