Intensive Anatomy for Artists Workshop, London


Anatomy for Artist course, London.


LOCATION: Somerset House, London, UK
COST: £595
DATE: To Be Announced.


Scott Eaton’s Anatomy for Artists course offers four days of in-depth training in artistic anatomy. This intensive course is designed to teach artists fundamental and advanced anatomy and how this knowledge can be applied to drawing, sculpture, illustration, character design, modelling, rigging, or animation. The course assumes no previous knowledge of anatomy and builds from the foundation up. Each lecture draws heavily on lessons from the old masters and combines them with dynamic photography and medical imaging data to show how complicated anatomy can be broken down into functional shapes and mechanisms that artists can use.

Scott has been teaching this course to artist around the world for over 15 years including workshops at top animation and visual effects studios including Pixar, Disney, Industrial Light and Magic, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros, Blizzard, Sony, Ubisoft, and many others. The course is now being made available to the public in London.

Scott Eaton teaching Anatomy

The course starts with proportions, the mechanics of the skeleton, and critical bony landmarks. Once this important framework is established, the course gives a comprehensive look at the muscles of the body, how they influence surface form and their mechanical functions. Frequent exercises give students a chance to apply their knowledge, and regular critiques of images from the “Gallery Abominate” put a humorous but educational spin on the anatomical challenges artists commonly face. Artists leave the course with anatomical knowledge that will immediately improve their work and a solid foundation that will allow them to continue to study and progress after the course.


DAY 1:

  • AM: Proportions, Mass Conceptions, the Skeleton, Landmarks
  • PM: Chest, Abdomen

DAY 2:

  • AM: Shoulder and Upper Back
  • PM: Lower Back, Upper Arms

DAY 3:

  • AM: Forearms, Upper Body Review
  • PM: Pelvis, Upper Legs, Lower Legs
  • Extra: Life Model

DAY 4:

  • AM: Hands and Feet
  • PM: Head and Neck, Gender and Weight
  • Extra: V&A Museum Visit

18th centurn sculpture at the V&A museum

The course concludes with a late afternoon/evening visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum to review the week’s anatomy lesson’s on one of the largest collection of 16-19th century European sculpture. We will assess the anatomy of works by Rodin, Bernini, and Canova along with full-sized casts from Michelangelo in the V&A’s spectacular Cast Court.

Scott explaining the anatomy of a Bernini masterpieceScott explaining the anatomy of a Bernini masterpiece


After each lesson there are écorché drawing assignments where artists visually dissect old master drawings, sculptures, and photographs from the Bodies in Motion library. Following each exercise, Scott walks through the same exercise, explaining the process and anatomy as he works. The investigative process of observing the surface form and trying to understand the underlying anatomy is a centuries old practice and a proven method for effectively increasing your practical understanding of artistic anatomy.

2d Anatomy study - ecorche drawingclick for larger


If you are looking to really push your anatomical knowledge, you must attend Scott Eaton’s amazing Anatomy for Artists workshop. Scott will teach you the anatomy fundamentals while training your eyes and your mind to see all the critical details, details that make all the difference!

William Gabriele – Lead Creature TD

Scott Eaton’s Anatomy for Artists is a workshop that everyone should do. It doesn’t matter if you have a background in art or science, Scott will amaze you anyway. It is four days in which you truly train your eyes to see and understand the human body’s construction, shape and tensions. Unforgettable!!!

Erica Vigilante


Students on the course have the option of 50% discounted access to Scott’s online Anatomy for Artists course which gives them a chance to review, refresh and deepen their newly acquired anatomical knowledge over a six month period after the course ends. Attendees also qualify for discounts on subscriptions and purchases from, including the Eaton-Houdon Ecorche figure, which features prominently in the lectures.

Multiple views of the Houdon Ecorche v2the Eaton-Houdon Ecorche figure


Anatomy for Artists, Somerset House, LondonSomerset House, London

Built in 1776 Somerset House is steeped in history, but is now one of the largest creative hubs in London, housing artists and creative businesses. It is an inspiring environment to study anatomy for four intense, but fun days!

Somerset House is also home to the Courtauld Gallery, a world-class museum whose collection includes Rubens, Manet, Degas, Monet, and van Gogh, as well as one of the largest prints and drawings collections in Europe. It is certainly worth sneaking in for a lunchtime visit during the anatomy course.