Digital Figure Sculpture Enrollment


Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Digital Figure Sculpture online course:

The button below takes you to a secure PayPal page where you can enroll in the course with a major credit card or with a PayPal account (note: PayPal accepts credit card purchases). Your PayPal receipt serves as your enrollment confirmation.


COST: $395
START DATE: available to start learning now.

Standard enrollment gives access to the complete online course including lectures, forums, resources and downloads, but limits direct instructor feedback. Standard enrollment students are able to get started with the course immediately. (More on standard enrollment here).


START DATE: October 11, 2024
COST: $995

This is the enrollment level for you if you are comfortable working in ZBrush. Weekly personalized feedback videos from Scott, with detailed sculpt-overs on your assignments, keeps your sculptures progressing and improving over the duration of the course.

NOTE: Scott’s Anatomy for Artists course is strongly recommended as a prerequisite before enrolling as a full-enrollment student. A strong grounding in human anatomy is essential to success as a figure sculptor. Full-enrollment is intense, but with Scott’s guidance the progress you will make from the beginning to the end of the course will make the effort worth it.

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