Andrew Loomis Resources


Andrew Loomis was an illustrator during the golden age of illustration. Beyond producing beautiful fashion illustrations for magazines and books, his lasting contribution comes from a number of books he wrote on the fundamentals of art and illustration. His writing is clear and illuminating, and his technique beyond question. I have found each of these useful reference over the years. They have fallen out of copyright and are readily found many place on the internet. As a resource to other artists I have collected them here to reference and learn from.

NOTE: upon further investigation, the copyrights on Loomis’ books were renewed by his family and protect the works for foreseeable future. Respecting this, the links to the books below have been removed.


  • Creative Illustration
  • Drawing the Head and Hands
  • Figure Drawing for All Its Worth
  • Fun With the Pencil
  • Eye of the Painter