You are not logged in. (Login) is the online portal for Scott Eaton's anatomy and digital sculpture courses. Scott has taught anatomy to many of the biggest game and visual effects houses including LucasFilm, Disney, Microsoft Games Studios, and Sony. Now, for the first time, his lessons are being put online for individual artists to benefit from, no matter where they are in the world.
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Available Courses

  • Portraiture & Facial Anatomy is the companion course to Scott's Human Anatomy for Artists course. This course goes in-depth in the anatomy of the face and how to construct it to make successful portraits, regardless of medium.

    Winter Session, 2020
  • Portraiture & Facial Anatomy for Artists.
    Same course description as PAO23.
    Autumn Session, 2019
  • Anatomy for Artists is the site's flagship course and has an international following among some of the biggest studios in games, visual effects, and traditional fine art. This online course is an expanded version of Scott's studio course which goes in depth into all aspects of human anatomy that are critical to success as an artist in scupture, painting, games, visual effects, concept art or illustration.

    Winter Session, 2020
  • Anatomy for Artists course - same course description as AA38.

    Autumn Session, 2019
  • An intensive course in digital figure sculpture using ZBrush. The course teaches artists fundamentals and then the advanced techniques required to create realistic, expressive, figure sculptures.

    Winter Session, 2020
  • Digital Figure Sculpture course (same course description as DFS32).

    Autumn Session, 2019

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