Feb 192010

Milon de Crotone

I created this piece as a study in figurative sculpture for a series of online lessons for Pixologic, the makers of Zbrush, the digital sculpting application used to create it. The lessons, commencing shortly, will cover the method and techniques used to create this model, as a specific example of how to approach figurative modeling. Broadly the lessons will include: anatomy, proportions, cloth, hair, and sculpting technique.

The first lesson emphasizes working from reference to improve sculpting technique. This particular piece is a study of Milon de Croton by Jacques-Edme Dumont, an 18th century French sculptor. The reference for the piece was captured during a recent trip to the Louvre where I was gathering new images for my artistic anatomy course. A selection of these images will be made available in the reference library shortly.

Below is an image showing the refined and unrefined versions of the model.

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